• Jim Mack

    Jim spent numerous years working as chief naturalist and later as superintendent of several national parks. Jim has written several books and the text for numerous wayside exhibits for the National Park Service.

  • Kristin Hanneman

    Photo research and licensing
    Kris has many years of experience researching images on topics as diverse as nature, history, astronomy, health, photography and pop culture. She has thorough knowledge of image sources as well as copyright and licensing practices. She has worked as a picture editor and illustrations director for National Geographic and Time-Life Books.

  • Hilary Reeves

    Hilary has vast experience as a writer of marketing and collateral material. She was the managing director of Milkweed Editions, developing their list of nonfiction books and their strategy for web site and social media development. Hilary was marketing director at Johns Hopkins University Press and the Smithsonian Press.

  • Steven N. Patricia

    Steven is a registered architect and illustrator who specializes in research, analysis and reconstruction of past life-ways and architectural environments. He has experience surveying, mapping, photography, and computer modeling.

  • Suzanne Fox

    Suzanne specializes in developmental and substantive editing and technical writing. She has worked with numerous museums and publishers throughout the country.

  • Linda McKnight

    Designer/Creative Director, Project Manager
    A designer and art director for more than two decades, including positions at the Smithsonian Press, Time-Life, and National Geographic, Linda has won awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the American Association of Museums, and the American Association of University Presses. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia and Georgetown University

  • Amy Pastan

    Writer/photo research
    Amy was formerly a staff editor at the National Gallery of Art and senior acquisitions editor at the Smithsonian Institution Press, where she developed an award-winning list of titles in photography and fine arts. She has produced books, web content, and exhibitions for a wide range of clients, including the Smithsonian Insitution, the Library of Congress, DK Publishing, HarperCollins, Scala, and the National Park Service.

  • Joan Wolbier

    Joan has many years experience designing books, educational materials, magazines, exhibits, and web sites, for the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic and the National Park Service. She teaches private classes in fine arts in Boulder, CO. | Design Portfolio | Fine Art Portfolio |

  • Rebecca Doran

    Rebecca has over 20 years of experience designing exhibition graphics, publications, signage, and promotional materials for museums. She has worked with the Smithsonian Institution, The Phillips Collection, The Textile Museum, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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